Date de sortie: 27 juillet 2016
Genre: Drame
Durée: 107 min
Langue: Français
Production: Bonne Pioche, La Voie Lactée


Un film de Christophe Lioud

Avec : Noémie Merlant, Daniel Lobé, Marie-Christine Barrault

Claire a 17 ans. Avec sa famille, elle passe ses vacances en Afrique du Sud lorsque sa famille disparaît dans un accident. Par un coup du sort, elle échappe au drame. En plein désarroi, persuadée d’être responsable de la mort des siens et assommée par la culpabilité, elle s’enfuit et décide que le hasard par lequel elle a survécu guidera désormais sa vie. Au fil de ses aventures et de ses rencontres heureuses ou tragiques, elle brûle les étapes de la vie et réalise qu’elle porte en elle la force de créer son destin.

Claire is 17. She is vacationing with her family in South Africa. While on an excursion, her parents and little brother die in an accident. By a twist of fate, she escapes the tragedy. Now all alone, lost and confused, she is far from home and isolated in this country that is like another world where everything is so intense.
Utterly distraught, convinced that she is responsible for her family’s tragic end, and overcome with guilt, she runs away and decides to let fate, which allowed her to survive, to guide her life from now on.
During the course of her adventures through vibrant and dazzling landscapes, carried by the wind from one colorful encounter to another, through both happy and heart-rending moments, she barrels through different life stages to understand in the end that she has within her the power to create her own destiny.
Through this initiatory journey, which at times feels much like a road-movie, she will find the means to return home, face her loved ones and summon the courage to live her life, appeased and serene. An optimistic drama freely adapted from Jean-Baptiste Destremau’s novel, “Si par hazard.”